Friday, May 6, 2011

The Royal Wedding post.

Yes, I am a week late on this post. But I wanted some time to think it over and find what I could say that hasn’t been said already by a million royal watchers.  Something you may find worth reading. And I discovered I was able to come up with, well, nothing.
So, instead of enlightening insight I will give you my opinion.
The gown – PERFECT! It is classy, simply, beautiful and so perfect for Princess Kate. She couldn’t go strapless, it’s a cathedral wedding and there are rules to be followed. But while the lace top kept the gown modest, the v-neckline on that top made the look really sexy in a very classy kind of way.
The groom - *swoon*! Am I the only one with a thing for men in uniform? Loving that he chose the red.
The maid of honour – another example of the ‘rules’ going out the window. Yes, your bridesmaids can wear the same colour as the bride. No one is going to confuse you, trust me. And making your bridesmaids look stunning can only help you look better.
The nods to Princess Di – so great. I can’t decide if the media is making more to this then there really is but I always love to see a couple put something personal and meaningful into their ceremony. In this case, the royal couple chose to use a venue, officiate, flowers and music that were all tied to the grooms late mother.  
The hats – next to the gown my favourite part! Can we bring back hats? They are the perfect finishing touch to a great outfit. I already carry ‘fascinators’ in the store. I will track down a hat supplier. Weddings of the world need more hats.
So what can a bride take away from this great event? In my humble opinion, Kate and Will did an amazing job of showing today's brides the beauty of balance.
While perhaps the hardest part of any wedding, finding a way to balance what you want with tradition and family is key. Princess Kate bucked tradition by insisting on wearing her hair down, despite the expectation that all princess brides in England wear their hair up. She also chose to ride in a limo to the church, rather then the traditional glass carriage. She chose a gown that suited her personality and style and allowed her maid of honour to do the same. But, tradition was followed in the ceremony, the transportation from the church home, the music during the ceremony, the acknowledgment to the unknown soldier and in so many other ways.
Kate did what exactly what I've said. Choose what matters most, and let family take care of the rest. It will make your life much easier and they will appreciate being a part of your big day.

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