Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh the beautiful dresses!

The kids are back to school and for me that means two things.
I now get to spend my Monday’s off with coffee and a romance novel (thanks to my amazing husband’s wonderful anniversary gift!) and it is time for ordering grad gown samples and planning the big Grad Gala.
The ordering is now officially done. I spent several hours last night with a wonderful representative for ADK (Eddy K wedding gowns) and Blush Prom. Wow! This season’s gowns are going to be stunners.
We will carry samples in store for:
I am so seriously excited about the range of gowns we’ll have available. Everything from sleek and sexy to puffy, glittering princess; simple solids in an array of jewel tones to wild animal prints and bright splashes of rainbows will be seen on graduates all over the country. Our in store samples will start arriving in October.
Unfortunately, because these styles are ‘out’ yet, I can’t publish a bunch of photos beyond the links above. BUT I CAN give you a sneak peek of a gown I am totally thrilled to have in the store. This gown was originally part of the Mystique line from Bonny and was ‘pulled’ while I was talking with the Mystique rep. I asked and she sold me her sample gown! My understanding is it is one of only two of these gowns in the country and they will NOT be making any more. How excited am I??
Not the greatest photo but seriously a cool gown!
So this beauty is on display in the store right now. I've promised my youngest daughter she can wear it at the Grad Gala fashion show, but I doubt it will still be in the store.

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