Thursday, September 1, 2011

9 years and counting . . .

Happy Anniversary to us!
Yes, yesterday was the 9th anniversary of my marriage to the most wonderful man in the world. Seriously, who else would put up with my business adventures?
Our 9th was supposed to be leather. My husband hit a home run with a red leather case containing a Kobo e-reader! I am an avid reader and totally thrilled with the gift.

it's an Kobo touch!

I spent weeks looking for a leather golf bag. And I could have gotten one, but he’s a ‘weekend’ golfer and the leather bags available were pro bags. Total overkill for what he needed. I was able to get him a great bag with the dividers he really wanted (a slot for every club) and totally surprised him. Which was really the goal.
his is grey and red.
I’vebeen focused, for the past week or so, on preparing for BuyMart in Saskatoon. It was an adventure that I am busy writing a blog post about. I’m headed back to Saskatoon today to meet with another supplier and hope to be home by midnight.
Stay tuned!


Laura said...


Unforgettable Jess said...

It is so cool! And my sister has over 300 books she claims she can give me. :D My poor husband is going to regret this one. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Happy Congrats Unforgettable!
And don't forget those lovely free library downloads. :)