Friday, September 16, 2011

Taste of de"feet".

I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth again. And since I did so publicly this time I will apologize that way as well. In an effort to give a fellow business person a pat on the back I unintentionally insulted several other wonderful business people. So this is me saying a very large “I’m sorry.”
 A business needs to succeed on its own merits. Excellent service, fair pricing, a great atmosphere and more are required and I know that is what all the business people I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the past year strive for on a daily basis.
A business owners we put our hearts and souls into jobs and it hurts if anyone, even indirectly or unintentionally, suggests we don’t.
One of the dangers of the grand communication age is that EVERYONE can see your ‘public’ self. You have to think of everything you put out there from every angle. I work hard at this, reading and rereading my blog and facebook and website postings. Trying to stay politically correct, positive and generally avoid insulting anyone. Honestly this is a little difficult for me because I don’t generally get insulted over much. I roll my eyes at someone else’s silliness but I don’t take offence very easily as a rule so it doesn’t occur to me that someone else might be offended. There are always exceptions of course, but as a rule. So I have to think and rethink what I say from the point of view of those who may, quite legitimately, be hurt by something I might say. My Dear Husband is wonderful and keeping me in line and I will often get my coworkers to proof read what I write as well.
I will be certain to take more care in the future.  Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, you put yourself out there, heart and soul. That's something to be proud of! Keep it up.

Unforgettable Jess said...