Monday, March 12, 2012

Six months? Seriously?

Wow, six months. I had not realized it had been six months since my last post. I am so sorry those of you kind enough to read my ramblings that they have been so long absent.  It’s been a busy, emotional roller coaster for the past while. Let me fill you in.

-          October was spent preparing for our Grad Gala. We had 20 models, 92 dresses and over 100 attendees at our grad show this past November 6. Vendor booths included a florist, photographer, jewellery, tanning saloon and more. A full write up will follow very soon.

-          November was follow up from the Grad show and prepping for Christmas. We had hoped for more of a sales rush, but word is still getting out there that we are more then bridal gowns.

-          December saw the tragic and sudden loss of our 18 year old daughter Kortni.

I cannot begin to express here the pain of losing a child. It goes against every law of nature and tears your world apart in ways it is impossible to imagine unless it has happened to you. As this is a business blog I will not be spending time on this. I do want to say that the support of our family and community was wonderful and deeply appreciated. Emotionally we’ll be picking up the pieces for a long while to come.

-          January was a bit of a blur. I know I was here in body, we had our best sales month ever with brides and grads seeing deadlines looming and getting their orders in. Emotionally I was still a bit of a zombie and I thank my assistant Jackie for helping keep the store operating. We also started receiving our spring Bridal and bridesmaid fashions in January.

-          February we did the fashion show for the third annual Impressions Bridal show. 110 gowns, 25 models and over 220 people attended. It was a success in every sense. My husband and I travelled to Saskatoon for BuyMart and made some wonderful choices for fall delivery that I am pretty excited about.  I also found out in February that we had been named as one of the Runners Up for “The Best Place to Shop for Women’s Clothing in Saskatchewan” according to Prairies North Magazine. I am thrilled with having been nominated! It is exciting to know that the work we are putting into making every shopping experience here the best it possibly can be has been noticed and appreciated.

And here we are in March. Spring seems to be coming to Saskatchewan and every day I have people in hoping to find our spring fashions in store.  The good news is that it should be arriving anytime! I am hoping to receive my first shipments by the end of this week.

You can be reassured that you will be seeing a lot more blog posts here in the future.

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