Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No, the zombies didn't get me. Yet.

Just in case anyone was worried.

January marks the start of a new bridal season and a new year. Time to dust off the ol’ blog and see if I can be more consistent with my posts.

2012 saw a few changes at the store and a lot of growth. My personal emotional roller coaster combined with the general challenge of running a retail store made for some interesting days but things are looking up and the store is on more solid ground then ever.

Our biggest challenge was creating awareness of the fact we sell day/business wear. There aren’t a ton of options for women looking for something to wear to the office here in town. That leg of our business plan was intended to fill that need and help balance the seasonal nature of formal wear. I am thrilled to say we are getting there! Slowly but surely people are realizing we have Jones New York suits, Jana tops and sweaters, Conrad C separates. Slowly, but it is happening.

A great article in Fine Lifestyles Magazine really helped that along this past September.
If you are wondering, the redhead is me :D

What’s coming up for 2013?

Well, bridal and grad season has started!! I LOVE this time of year. So busy, so many happy girls and women that I get to help make feel beautiful! Our spring bridal gowns are almost all here and they are be-u-t-full !!!  Seriously.  I decided to bump my gown retail ‘ceiling’ a bit and bring in a really stunning piece from Eddy K.  
Eddky K MD115
This gown features a sweet heart neckline and drop waist bodice all but dripping with bead work and a full organza skirt of pull ups with floral detailing. One of the nifty things DH and I got to do last July was attend the Eddy K launch show in Montreal, QC and this gown was on a model there. I fell in love.

We are thrilled to be able to do the fashion show for the 4th Annual Lasting Impressions Wedding Show here in Swift Current , February 3   
And we have been invited to do the fashion show for the Medicine Hat Welcome Wagon Bridal show March 3!  Doing an out of town show will be a challenge and we are excited about taking it on.

Wedding shows like this are a great way for brides to talk to vendors and see what is new in bridal fashion. And doing a show is just one step short of insanity. I promise to post a couple of nice long blogs with photos for you on that!

As far as the new bridal fashions go? Well, anything goes! Lace is in, bling is in, straps and sleeves are coming back (thank you Princess Kate!) and you can wear anything from a sleek evening gown to a ‘cake top’ princess gown in any colour your little heart desires. I have bridal gowns in deep red, oyster, pale pink, an iridescent pink with a nifty green tint to it, bisque and black & white. But statement making brides in the past here at the store have also purchased gowns in deep purple and a striking platinum. (Hint, if you don’t see what you are looking for in bridal, check out the grad gowns!) Your wedding should be a reflection of who you and your groom are. Your gown should make you feel totally beautiful in a way that is totally you!

Don’t forget ladies – a wedding gown takes approximately six months to bring in. We do sell off the rack, but if you need or want to order a different size or colour, make sure you give yourself time.

The grad gowns are also pouring in, but that is for the next post.
Talk to you soon!

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