Saturday, February 12, 2011

Honest, I’m not looking.

I’ve been asked by friends “Why do the sales women at formal places always want to come into the change room? That’s just freakish and weird!” Honestly, I’ve got no interest in seeing you in your skimpies. It’s to protect the gowns. But, in the big picture, it’s also to protect you.

In our shop we are surrounded by several thousands of dollars in satin, taffeta and tulle in a rainbow of gowns created especially for making you feel like a princess. The company’s don’t lend us these gowns, we buy them. We spend hours going through designer catalogues and choosing gowns for the next season hoping that we’ve chosen well and one of our gowns will be ‘the one’ for some lucky shopper.

We wait long months until our choices arrive and enjoy the thrill of Christmas as we unpack and rediscover the beauty in the colors and jewel work of those gowns we’ve brought in.  And yes, be also become strangely emotionally attached to those gowns.

So when we come into the room to help you with lacing and zipping and making sure you are clipped in correctly, we are there to help you look your best, but we are also there to protect our babies. A hard tug at the wrong moment or a lace pulled to tight can result in that horrifying noise no woman wants to hear in the dressing room. Rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiip.

Last night watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ my husband - no, he wasn’t watching, no man points lost. He was earning husband points by allowing me to watch without complaining while he checked out the hockey updates on his lap top. My husband asked me “If a sample gown rips, who’s responsible?”

Well, if I’ve suggested the gown, then I am.  If I am in the room helping you, then I am.

But, if I’ve told you it won’t fit, you shouldn’t try it or that it is too small. Or if your sister, best friend or mom has snuck a gown into you and you decide to try it on, then you are responsible. And if it tears while you are trying it, then hey! Congratulations!  You have just bought yourself a gown!

What it comes down to is that a formal wear consultant has a job. She is basically your fashion guru and handmaid for the duration of your appointment. Take advantage of that! Relax and let us cater to you and make you feel like a queen for an hour. I promise, you’ll have a much more successful shopping trip if you do.

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